Our Advanced Kite Course is tailored on anyone who wants to improve his riding skills and obtain IKO level 3 certification (Independent Rider Certificate). Once an independent rider, you will be able to rent kiteboarding equipment in all IKO centers around the globe. 

Whoever already has the IKO level 3 certification can join this course to try the first freestyle tricks, improve navigation skills and correct some bad habits in order to enjoy time in the water worry-free. 



Our Advanced Kiteboarding Course lasts 3 hours and it takes place in the water only. 

Usually split into two lessons of 1,5h each, the course aims at perfectioning your in-water navigation techniques, your upwind riding skills or just learning new tricks, like toe-side riding or popping.

All our courses follow IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) training standards. You will be assisted during every step by our instructors in the flat and shallow waters of Punta Trettu lagoon, up until your first glides. On land, our instructors and our beach boy will organize the courses and will assist you in case of need. 

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/ 3H
  • All gear included
  • Private instructor
  • IKO certification at the end
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/ pp / 3H
  • All gear included
  • 2 students, 1 instructor
  • IKO certification at the end



/ H
  • All gear included
  • Private instructor
  • IKO certification at the end


/ pp / H
  • All gear included
  • 2 students, 1 instructor
  • IKO certification at the end



Absolutely. We will give you: Wetsuit, Helmet, Lifejacket, Harness, Watershoes, Kite, Bar and Board.

You do. Even tho it’s included into the mandatory membership, we suggest you to have an european valid insurance that covers Kiteboarding.  

You do.

To successfully join any sport club in italy, it’s mandatory by law that you show a valid sport medical certificate when signing up. 

Yes, there are.

The minimum age to approch kiteboarding is 12, while the minimum weight accepted is 45kg. 

Unfortunately, both limitation requirements have to be met in order to access kiteboarding classes.

On the other side, there is no maximum age nor weight!

Prepare your bag like you would do for any beach day: Sunglasses (possibly with a leash), Sun Screen, Swimming suit and a beach towel. 

We recommend to wear only waterproof watches, and to remove any potentially dangerous (or precious) accessory before the classes. 

It depends on lots of factors like the wind, your attitude towards the course, your physical preparation, the consistency you exercise with etc. 

Usually, to properly glide in both direction, a minimum of 10 hours of practice are needed. 

Bring it with you! During the course, your instructor will teach you how to set up the gear. That’s the perfect time to evaluate if your kite is ok to have a lesson with, or if its safer to learn with the school one.  

You will be able to rent our kite equipment if your instructor assesses your level as suitable for independently riding. That means that you need to be able to ride upwind, recover your kite in an emergency situation and know all the safety procedures. 

Unfortunately we offer semi-private classes only to people that already know each other

No problem! If your instructor assesses that your levels are too different, he will simply divide you and you will carry on with private hours. 

No problem!

The semi-private course is doable as far as your weight difference is no more than 10kg. If the difference is more, you will have to carry on with private lessons as soon as you will start to do power exercises with the kite. 

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